From an early age, I knew I wanted to work with computers in some form or fashion. There is something so satisfying about building and that drive to build is what makes programming a true joy.

I am a web developer with a diverse background from art to high ropes course instruction and construction. I enjoy solving complex problems in creative ways whether they be in the digital space or the real world.


Research Pal:


Role - Frontend, Redux

Tech - Redux

Research Pal is a React/Redux-based website that allows a user to create cards that store links with descriptions, completion status, and the ability to filter by category. The basis of this website was to aid in the organization of subjects related to research.

  • Collaborated remotely with a team of 2 Web Developers, 3 UX/UI Designers and 1 Data Scientist to build the fully functional web application in 2 weeks.
  • My partner and I were responsible for building cards, filter by category, login/registration, and authentication.
  • Made use of Redux's sophisticated state management system to implement a card based application.

The Hive Stack:


Role - Frontend

Tech - React, Google Maps/Places API

The Hive Stack is a website my team built that addressed the issue of finding a suitable location to work or relax with great WiFi, especially when traveling. This website allowed a user to search for nearby locations which then displayed location cards and a map for easy searching.

  • Collaborated remotely with a team of 7 Web Developers with each member taking on multiple roles over the course of 3 months to build the framework for a complex web application.
  • My partners and I were responsible for implementing Google's Maps/Places API within our website, autocomplete search, card filter, location cards, and a map with location markers.
  • Google Maps/Places API was used for map display, place data, and autocomplete search. Other technologies used include React, Firebase for authentication, and PostgreSQL/Knex for the backend.

Use My Tools:

Role - Backend

Tech - SQLite3

Use My Tools was a website my team built that would allow a user to borrow tools from others nearby to them. I contributed basic CRUD functionality to this project.

  • Collaborated remotely with a team of 2 Web Developers and 2 Backend Developers over 2 weeks.
  • My partner and I were responsible for implementing a backend with endpoints for registration/login, tool retrieval, tool posts, tool deletion, and tool update.
  • Made use of SQLite3 as our RDBMS, Knex for query building, Express for routing, and Bcrypt and JWT for authentication.


  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • Express
  • React
  • Redux
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
  • SQL
  • OOP